Set up Stable Diffusion

Beside Dall-E, you can also use Stable Diffusion v2 and v3 to generate images.
Here are some quick steps to use Stable Diffusion to generate images on TypingMind:

Step 1: Get Stable Diffusion API Key

By default, You will have 25 Free Credits, check here for more details: https://platform.stability.ai/pricing If your usage exceeds the free credits, you will need to purchase more credits here: https://platform.stability.ai/account/credits
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Step 2: Set up on TypingMind

  • Open Plugin settings (click on the plugin icon, choose β€œStable diffusion” plugin to open settings, and switch to the Settings tab)
  • Enter the generated API key within the Setting tab of Stable Diffusion Image (v2 or v3)
  • Click Save
  • Enter your prompt so it can generate images properly based on your description.
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Stable Diffusion v2 and Stable Diffusion v3 are all available on TypingMind