Feature list

Below are all available features on TypingMind.com
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Available AI Models

🚀 All ChatGPT Models (GPT-4)

Use any OpenAI models (GPT-4 included) with you API key (limited access)
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💥 Claude AI Models

Different Claude models such as Claude 3, Claude Instant are available in TypingMind
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🔍 Google Gemini Models

Use Google Gemini 1.5 Pro, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, Gemini 1.0 Pro, etc. on TypingMind!
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🟢 Use with Custom Models (Open-source LLM, Local LLM)

Besides our available models (GPT, Claude, Gemini models), you can also use other open-source or local AI models on TypingMind such as:
  • Meta LLaMA
  • Mistral AI
  • DeepSeek
  • Cohere: Command R
  • Perplexity
  • and more. Find out here
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Model Configuration

⚙️ Custom System Instruction

The system message helps set the behavior of the assistant. You can customize the initial system instruction for the AI model.
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🎢  Stream Response Control

Decide if the AI should respond all at once (faster) or stream the response word-by-word.
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🔥 Temperature Control

Configuring the temperature value can make the output more random, or focused and deterministic.
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💦 Presence Penalty & Frequency Penalty Control

  • Frequency_penalty: discourage the model from repeating the same words or phrases too frequently within the generated text.
  • Presence_penalty: encourage the model to include a diverse range of tokens in the generated text.
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🌴 Top P

An alternative to sampling with temperature, called nucleus sampling, where the model considers the results of the tokens with top_p probability mass. So 0.1 means only the tokens comprising the top 10% probability mass are considered.
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💰 Max Tokens

Limit the maximum number of tokens the AI should generate before stopping.
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🔗 Custom Endpoint & Proxy

Use TypingMind with your own endpoint or an OpenAI proxy.
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🧩 TypingMind plugins

TypingMind plugins help enhance the functionality of the AI model, enabling it to perform tasks such as real-time internet searches, image searches, generate images, and more:
  • Search: Web Search / Perplexity Search
  • Image generation: Dall-e, Stable Diffusion
  • Read the content of the provided URL: Web Page Reader
  • Latest stock news: Market News
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✏️ Create your own plugins

The possibilities don’t just stop at the TypingMind plugins. Harness the full potential of ChatGPT by adding any plugins you want.
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Chat Experience

🦹 Built-in AI Agents

Specialized AI Agents work as GPT Assistants on ChatGPT Plus with more customization options.
We have more than 60 pre-built AI Agents such as “Stand-up Comedian”, “Backend Software Engineer”, “Academic Researcher”, etc. that can help you answer your questions better.
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📚 Prompt Library

Manage your own custom prompts, add tags to prompt for easy research or explore the best prompts from the community.
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📔 Prompt Template & Variables

Easily create sharable prompts with replaceable variables (using the Tab key).
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📝 Upload Document

Upload a document and ask questions about it.
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💬 Language Output Control

Set default output language, tone, writing style, format, etc.
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⚡ Multi-conversations in parallel

Hold multiple conversations with ChatGPT at the same time, easily switching between chats while waiting for ChatGPT’s response.
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🚫 Context Limit

This feature allows you to set the number of messages to include in the context for the AI assistant. When set to 1, the AI assistant will only see and remember the most recent message.
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💻 MacOS App & PWA

Use TypingMind from your macOS dock!
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💡 Search Keyword Suggestions

Follow up your conversation with search keywords (support Google, Brave, Bing, DuckDuckGo)
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✅ Domain Check Integration

Check domain name suggestions from the assistant with only 1 click!
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👩‍💻 CodePen integration

Open code block in CodePen with 1 click!
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User Interface

🌙 Beautiful Light/Dark/System Mode

Choose among Light, Dark, or System themes that are most comfortable for your eyes!
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🖥️ Wide screen support

Make use of your ultra-wide screen when chatting with the AI assistant!
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⌨️ Hotkey & Shortcuts

Command + K to search chats, prompts, AI Agents, etc. Easily change the hotkey to your preference.
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Type / to search for prompts, chats, AI Agents:
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🎙️ Voice Input

Multi-language voice input via microphone.
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🔊 Text-to-Speech

Multi-language text-to-speech that gives the AI a voice. Supports ElevenLabs API and Browser Native Web Speech API.
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📲 Mobile friendly support

Chat with your AI assistant on the go!
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👩‍🎨 Set up Your Profile

Set your own profile with:
  • Custom avatar
  • API keys
  • AI instructions
You can create more than 1 profile.
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🔊 Sound Notification

A “ding” sound will play when the AI assistant has finished typing (only play when if you navigate away from the app).
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Chat Management

🔍 Chat History Search

Instantly search your previous chats and messages
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📂 Chat Folders

Just drag and drop chats into folders, create a new chat directly in your folder (+) or quickly select and move chats (in bulk).
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🍴 Edit & Fork Conversations

Easily split current conversation into a new chat. Easily edit message or reset the whole chat without starting a new one.
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⤴️ Share Chat

Share your chat with friends easily with a secret link or export to a PDF/HTML/Text file.
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✍️ Save Draft

Easily draft long prompts & messages with automatic draft save. Never lose your work again.
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📌 Pin Favorite Chats

Keep important chats on the top.
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🏷️ Add Tags to Chats

Add tags to each chat so you can easily categorize and find chats on the same topics quickly.
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⬇️ Archive chats

Re-organizing your workspace by storing your chats with “Archive”
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Cloud Sync / Backup / Migrate

🗄️ Import/Export Chats

Easily import/export your chats to backup your data or share with other people.
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💽 Migrate from OpenAI ChatGPT

Import your existing chats from OpenAI to TypingMind easily.
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☁️ Chats Sync & Backup

Sync and backup your chat data across multiple devices
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TypingMind Extensions

Typing Mind Extensions allows users to embed custom JavaScript code into Typing Mind. The JavaScript code will have access to all internal data and application state of Typing Mind, allowing the users to add custom logic and application behavior to fit their workflow.
Use cases
  • Add additional backup & sync sources (AWS S3, Google Drive, private server, etc.)
  • Embed a widget to Typing Mind (e.g., live chat widget)
  • Adding custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Customize message rendering
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Security and Privacy

🔏 Private By Default

No one can see your chat conversations (not even TypingMind’s developer). All chats and prompts data are stored locally.
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🔐 API Key Encryption with Password

Your API Key is encrypted securely and stored locally on your device.
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💵 API Tokens and Cost Estimation

Estimate how many tokens are used and how much you consume
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📦 Self-host Static App

Host the static app on your own private server and domain. Maximum privacy and remove dependent on any hosted service. Available when you buy a license key.
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