2023-12-05: Archive chats

2023-12-01: Better integration with OpenRouter

2023-11-28: Added Conversation Starters

2023-11-28: New AI characters

2023-11-27: Better scrolling behavior

2023-11-20: Improve function calling - use multiple plugins in parallel

2023-11-20: UI improvement for AI character

2023-11-20: Assign plugins for an AI character

2023-11-17: Pin your favorite AI characters to the main page

2023-11-16: Improved tags management

2023-11-14: Keyboard shortcut for plugin activation

2023-11-12: Dall-E is available as a plugin!

2023-11-11: UI Improvement: rearrange Model Settings, Plugins and Your Profile

2023-11-09: GPT-4 Vision (preview) is now available!

2023-11-07: GPT-4-1106-preview (128k tokens) is now available!

2023-11-06: UI tweak: move chat management action buttons to a more menu

2023-11-01: Set default chat model for an AI character

2023-10-31: Move response action buttons to a dropdown menu

2023-10-25: Add tags to your chats

2023-10-23: Upload various file type (beyond PDF)

2023-10-23: View message timestamps

2023-10-13: Append to an existing message via audio transcription

2023-10-10: MacOS app v1.15.0

2023-09-26: Added Top K for Claude

2023-09-05: Pin messages

2023-09-01: Added Top P parameter

2023-08-30: Custom Body Params

2023-08-28: Support Eleven Multilingual v2

2023-08-25: Share chat messages in JSON format

2023-08-24: 30+ Voices for ElevenLabs’s Text-to-Speech

2023-08-23: Name your ElevenLabs’ custom voice

2023-08-18: Sync “Plugin Settings”

2023-08-18: Export all TypingMind’s settings to JSON file

2023-08-15: Change text size on TypingMind

2023-08-14: New landing page for TypingMind custom

2023-08-11: Turn on/off plugins in the middle of a chat

2023-08-11: Claude Instant 1.2 is available!

2023-08-06: UX improved for all the chat buttons

2023-08-05: Added “Clear context” button

2023-08-05: Added 30+ characters to AI characters library

2023-08-04: New sidebar layout + UX

2023-08-04: Add avatar for AI characters

2023-08-03: Darkmode in Code blocks

2023-08-02: Download audio file

2023-08-01: Enter shared plugin URL and import directly

2023-07-31: More options for Cloud Sync

2023-07-26: UI change for upload docs / upload multi-docs

2023-07-21: Added a small indicator for the latest blog post

2023-07-21: Add back the old versions of GPT-4 & 3.5

2023-07-18: You can now share plugins with a URL

2023-07-12: Small UI change

2023-07-12: Claude 2 is available

2023-07-11: Help us make TypingMind Multilingual

2023-07-06: Supports multilingual text-to-speech

2023-07-05: GPT-3,5-16K supports plugins now!

2023-07-03: A fully revamped AI character on TypingMind

2023-07-03: Add training examples within the AI character

2023-06-30: TypingMind blog is live!

2023-06-29: Plugin’s user settings

2023-06-29: Set up your profile

2023-06-28: Added Image Search plugin!

2023-06-26: The first version of plugins has been released!

2023-06-23: TypingMind now supports LaTeX

2023-06-19: Use OpenAI API Org ID.

2023-06-15: Voice input has been rebuilt!

2023-06-14: Web search plugin has been rebuilt!

2023-06-14: Latest OpenAI chat models updated

2023-06-14: GPT-3.5-16K support!

2023-06-13: TypingMind pre-filled messages URL

2023-06-12:Chat with PDF!

2023-06-11: TypingMind MacOS app v1.3.0

2023-06-09: Find TypingMind on Setapp!

2023-06-06: Our Discord community is live!

2023-06-06: Edit the AI messages

2023-06-06: Changelog to 🚀

2023-06-04: Azure OpenAI support!

2023-06-02: Access to your license manager!

2023-06-01: License upgrade is available!

2023-05-31: Added Custom AI Models

2023-05-26: Type / to search everything!

2023-05-23: New help center!

2023-05-22: TypingMind now supports Claude!

2023-05-17: Added a “Toggle text area” button

2023-05-16: GPT-4-32K is available!

2023-05-16: Now you can adjust Presence & Frequency Penalty

2023-05-16: Added context limit

2023-05-14: Launched a new pricing!

2023-05-12: Create new chat directly inside a folder

2023-05-12: Keyboard shortcut for New chat

2023-05-08: Add tags to prompts!

2023-05-08: Move chats to folder in bulk

2023-05-04: Delete chats in bulk

2023-05-01: Storage update

2023-05-01: More output formats added!

2023-04-26: Web Speech API is available!

2023-04-26: Import chats from OpenAI

2023-04-16: Export chats, prompts, characters

2023-04-24: Total cost estimation 🔁 Context length

2023-04-22: TypingMind 🤝 ElevenLabs: Text to speech

2023-04-17: Multiple conversations in parallel

2023-04-15: Improve chat management sidebar

2023-04-11: New model selection UI + New model coming soon

2023-04-09: Context length improvement

2023-04-09: Customer support FAQ bot

2023-04-06: Custom endpoints

2023-04-06: Custom deployment ✨

2023-04-04: Web searches & live data

2023-04-03: Customize keyboard shortcuts

2023-04-01: API Key encryption

2023-03-31: Added CMD + K shortcut

2023-03-30: Added 161 community prompts

2023-03-26: Temperature setting

2023-03-26: Customize your AI Characters

2023-03-25: Collapse the sidebar

2023-03-25: Added Brave to the search engine option

2023-03-24: TypingMind cloud - sync chats on multiple devices

2023-03-22: Improve UI for cost estimation and token usage

2023-03-20: Paste a text document and ask about it

2023-03-20: Web search is enabled!

2023-03-20: Edit & “fork” a chat message

2023-03-19: Change ChatGPT model in the middle of a chat

2023-03-19: Save your draft while switching chats

2023-03-18: Install TypingMind as an app (PWA)

2023-03-18: Auto send for voice input

2023-03-17: Language, tone and writing styles are added!

2023-03-17: Multiple languages for voice input!

2023-03-17: Pin your favourite chats

2023-03-16: Widescreen better support

2023-03-16: Prompt library updates: Search, Favourite, Edit, Keyboads & Mobile friendly

2023-03-15: GPT-4 is now available!

2023-03-15: Added delete button

2023-03-15: Added “Academic researcher” & “Customer support agent” characters

2023-03-15: Press “tab” to switch between variables in a prompt

2023-03-13: Added “Reset chat” button

2023-03-13: Organize your chats into folders!

2023-03-12: OpenAI's API working status

2023-03-12: Add “Continue this chat” to a shared link

2023-03-12: Option “enter to send messages” on mobile

2023-03-12: More options to share your chat GPT conversation

2023-03-11: Add “Stop” button

2023-03-11: Share your AI chats with friends

2023-03-10: Dark mode added!

2023-03-10: TypingMind MacOS app

2023-03-10: Export / Import chats

2023-03-09: Set your profile picture

2023-03-09: Support streaming response

2023-03-08: Show colors!

2023-03-07: Model settings added!

2023-03-07: Voice input added!

2023-03-07: TypingMind is officially launched!