TypingMind Custom

Latest feature updates on TypingMind Custom (custom.typingmind.com):

2024-06-10: Embed specific AI Agent as chat widget

2024-06-05: Custom parameters for AI Agent

2024-05-01: Transfer Ownership

2024-04-29: TypingMind Free Tools

  1. AI Landing Page Feedback
  1. AI model logos and icons
  1. AI quiz

2024-04-28: New Youtube channel

2024-04-16: Introducing Server Plugins

2024-03-27: Allow sign-ups using company email

2024-03-05: Claude 3 is now available!

2024-02-29: New Chat logs UI

2024-02-21: New options to customize your AI characters

2024-02-06: Gemini Pro models supported

2024-01-31: Assign a custom voice to your AI character

2024-01-24: Chat Logs

2024-01-18: External Authentication via JWT

2024-01-17: Upload XLSX file

2024-01-16: New dashboard UI

2024-01-13: EU data center is now ready!

2024-01-12: Control Message Actions

2023-12-25: Single Sign-On is now available!

2023-12-18: Track AI Character and Prompt Usage

2023-11-28: Character limits per time period

2023-11-28: Added Conversation Starters

2023-11-20: Manual resync your training docs

2023-11-17: Pin your favorite AI characters to the main page

2023-11-16: Allow AI Characters access certain training docs

2023-11-15: β€œAvailable / Visible to all users except user with tags”

2023-11-01: Enforce chat model for a certain AI character

2023-10-27: Logo and Banner for Dark theme

2023-10-11: OpenAI Whisper for TypingMind custom

2023-10-09: Control Action Buttons

2023-10-05: Better manage training docs

2023-09-30: Customize cloud email login

2023-09-28: Content Moderator!

2023-09-27: API access

2023-09-19: Turn on plugins by default

2023-09-15: Chat model and usage restriction

2023-09-12: Export / Import Prompts

2023-09-08: Custom plugins

2023-09-07: Change Assistant title

2023-09-04: Set default language

2023-08-31: Pre-set ElevenLabs API Key from Admin Panel

2023-08-29: Enable / Disable Auto suggest relevant keywords

2023-08-26: Customize login email

2023-08-21: Custom model in Admin Panel

2023-08-21: Search bar in Admin Panel

2023-08-14: New landing page for TypingMind custom

2023-08-13: Add Post-message Reminder in Training Data

2023-08-13: Add character limit in Usage & Limit

2023-08-13: Add training examples in Training Data

2023-08-11: Set tags for your members

2023-08-11: Public mode for your chat instance

2023-08-11: Claude Instant 1.2 is available!

2023-08-10: Add custom HTML/JS/CSS code to your chat instance

2023-08-02: Custom theme for your chat instance

2023-07-31: New dashboard

2023-07-21: Control access to chat instance

2023-07-21: Embed chat instance as a floating widget

2023-07-14: Upload files are now available (PDF, CSV, TXT)

2023-07-10: Preset plugins for your team

2023-06-26: Claude is now available!

2023-06-21: Manage your instance

2023-06-19: Set multiple admins!

2023-06-02: Added custom characters!

2023-05-31: Select which model to enable for your users

2023-05-26: Added β€œOnly show prompts for logged-in users”

2023-05-26: Added Model settings toggle

2023-05-23: New help center!

2023-05-18: Added Sync to cloud

2023-05-17: Sending emails using your own SMTP config

2023-05-08: Add tags to prompts

2023-05-01: Turn off Community Prompts

2023-05-01: You can now create Custom Prompt

2023-05-01: Train AI with your data + Welcome message

2023-05-01: Custom training data & system instructions