Use with Mistral AI

It’s easy to setup Typing Mind for using with Mistral AI (https://mistral.ai/). Here is a quick guide.

Get a Mistral AI account

You can sign up from https://mistral.ai/ or another service that provide MistralAI models. Typing Mind will work with any endpoint that have the compatible API schema.
Once you have an account, go to https://console.mistral.ai/user/api-keys/ to create an API key:
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Add a custom model in Typing Mind:

Go to typingmind.com and create a new Custom Model as follow:
  • Click Add Custom Model
  • Enter any name.
  • Enter the Model ID and context length, for example: mistral-tiny
  • Add a custom header row, then enter Authorization and the API key in the value textbox in the format: Bearer your_api_key
  • Click β€œTest” to verify the information is correct
  • Click Add Model.
Quick troubleshooting guide: ⚠️ If you are using mistral.ai, your account must have an active subscription for the API key to work. ⚠️ Newly created API key will take 2-3 minutes to start working. If you click the β€œTest” button but failed, try again in 2-3 minutes.
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Use Mistral AI in Typing Mind

You can now select the newly created custom model and chat with it.
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