Use with DeepInfra

DeepInfra allows you to access Open-source AI models such as Meta LLaMA 3, Mistral AI, Gemma, etc. at low cost.
Here’s how to set up DeepInfra on TypingMind

Step 1: Create DeepInfra account

Go to https://deepinfra.com/ and Log into DeepInfra via your GitHub account
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Step 2: Generate an API key

  • Click on β€œNew API Key”
  • Enter your API Key Name and click β€œGenerate API Key”
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  • Copy the generated API key and move to step 3
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Step 3: Set up DeepInfra on TypingMind

You will need to set up DeepInfra as a custom model on TypingMind. Here’s how:
  • Go to Manage Models
  • Add Custom Models
  • Updates the following information to set up DeepInfra models:
    • Name: LLaMA 3 70B via DeepInfra (or you can give it any name you want)
    • Endpoint: https://api.deepinfra.com/v1/openai/chat/completions
    • Model ID: meta-llama/Meta-Llama-3-70B-Instruct or you can find all model IDs here
    • Add Custom Headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer {{YOUR_API_KEY}} (enter the copied API key)
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  • Click Test, If it is successful, there's a message that says, 'Nice, the endpoint is working!’
  • Click Update Model

Step 4: Start chatting!

Now, you can choose the model and interact with it! Below is an example chat with LLaMA 3 70b:
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