Use with Anthropic Claude

There are two options that you can chat with Anthropic Claude models on TypingMind.com:
  1. Via Direct API
  1. Via OpenRouter
Let’s check it out!

Use Claude API

Anthropic Claude API is now accessible to everyone!
You can use Claude directly on TypingMind by following these steps:
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Claude API is now offering $5 of free credits, however, it’s only available for some certain countries, you can go to Dashboard > Claim to see if it’s applicable for your country.
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  • Enter your Claude API key to TypingMind
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Common issue:
β€œCould not connect to Anthropic API. Please try again later. Error code:400”
This issue may appear when your credit balance is too low to access the Claude API. Please check and add your credit balance at https://console.anthropic.com/settings/plans, then try again.

Use Claude via OpenRouter

Here’s the detailed guideline for setting up OpenRouter to use Claude on TypingMind:
πŸ”˜Use OpenRouter Models
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