You can use Azure OpenAI on TypingMind by adding a Custom Model as follow:

Get an Azure OpenAI account

If you haven’t already, you must register for an Azure OpenAI Account. You can create one here: https://oai.azure.com/
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Get a Deployment, Endpoint, and API Key

Go to β€œDeployments” and create a new deployment with a model of your choice.
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Go to the β€œChat” playground and click β€œView Code” to get your Endpoint and Key.
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Create a custom model on TypingMind

Go to typingmind.com and create a new Custom Model as follow:
  • Click Add Custom Model
  • Enter any name.
  • Enter the exact endpoint (including the ?apiVersion part).
  • Important: there are many types of endpoint on Azure OpenAI. Make sure you use the correct one that contains β€œ/chats/completions”.
  • Enter the Model ID and context length
  • Add a custom header row, then enter api-key and the API key in the value textbox.
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  • Click β€œTest” and verify that the endpoint is working.
  • Click β€œAdd Model”.

Chat with Azure OpenAI

You can now select the Azure OpenAI model and chat with it.
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