Restrict AI Agents Access

With TypingMind Custom, you can restrict the visibility of AI Characters for certain users. This allows you to:
  • Control which AI Characters are visible to individual team members
  • Also build a personal chatbot that tailors for each member’s needs
Here's how to do that:

Step 1: Set tags for your team members

To set tags for your team members, follow these steps:
  • Go to the β€œMembers” section from the Admin Dashboard.
  • Choose a member that you want to assign a tag.
  • Click β€œUpdate Tags” and assign a name to the tag.
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Step 2: Assign Tags to AI Characters

To assign a member tag to a prompt, do as follows:
  • Go to the β€œAI Characters” section from the Admin Dashboard.
  • Select β€œAdd character” to create a new prompt, or β€œEdit” an existing prompt.
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  • Scroll down to the β€œVisibility” section and select one of two options from the drop-down menu.
    • β€œVisible only to users with tags”: once you add tags, users in these certain tags are allowed to use the model
    • or β€œVisible to all users except users with tags”: once you add tags, users in these certain tags ARE NOT allowed to use the model.
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For example, if you want only the team members with the "dev" tag to access the β€œVS Code Expert” character, simply select the "dev" tag to that AI character
Here's what the chat interface will look like for team members with the "dev" tag:
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Use Cases

Build a Personalized Chatbot for Each Role / Department in a Company

With TypingMind Custom, you can specify which AI Characters each department of your company can access.
This ensures that:
  • Each department only has access to the AI characters relevant to their work.
  • Get personalized responses from the AI characters that are specifically trained for their use cases.
For example, you can tag your marketing team members with a β€œMarketing” tag and link this tag to all AI Characters specifically designed for marketing tasks.
This way, only the marketing department will see these prompts on their chat interface.

Restrict AI Characters Access for Different User Levels

TypingMind Custom can also be used to control the visibility of AI characters between:
  • Intern / Staff and High-level positions
  • Visitors / Guests and Team members
Visitors could be tagged β€œVisitors” and have access only to basic AI characters while Team members receive the β€œMember” tag and gain access to more advanced prompts.
This is also useful if you want to turn your chatbot into a Customer Support bot that allows visitors to use the Customer Support bot only for their inquiries.
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You can also restrict users access to certain prompts and certain chat models