Use with Fine-tuning Models

OpenAI's fine-tuning model can be used on TypingMind. Here are 3 simple steps to set it up:

1. Access Fine-tuning on OpenAI

First, log into your OpenAI API account at https://platform.openai.com and go to “Fine-tuning
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2. Create a fine-tuning model

Click “Create new” and select the GPT-3.5-turbo as the base model (TypingMind doesn’t support other base models now)
Upload the .jsonl file to use for training, please follow the OpenAI instructions to create the file.
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3. Get the model ID and API key

Once you're done with all of that, you'll get the model ID.
Copy it along with your OpenAI API key to a safe place, you will need them soon.
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4. Set up fine-tuning model on TypingMind

Head over to typingmind.com, click "Model Settings". Then, select “Add Custom Model”.
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Here’s how you fill in the fields:
  • Name: GPT-3.5 Fine-tuning (or you can set any name you want)
  • Endpoint: https://api.openai.com/v1/chat/completions
  • Model ID: input the model ID you have just copied at step 3
  • Context Length: 4096
  • You can enable the “Support Plugins” toggle if you want to use the plugins for your fine-tuning model.
  • Click “Add Custom Headers” and add: Authorization: Bearer {{your OpenAI API key}}
Here is what it looks like:
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Then click your created model whenever you want to use it:
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Hit “Test” to make sure the model work well and then click “Add Model”.
That's it! You're all set!