Data Usage and Model Training Policy

All of your conversations on the TypingMind system are strictly confidential and never used for training purposes.
However, as TypingMind Custom primarily offers the chat interface and management system for different AI Service Providers, the data usage and model training policy are also determined by the AI providers you select.
Here is an overview of the data privacy and model training policy of three major AI providers: OpenAI, Claude by Anthropic, and Google Gemini.


  • OpenAI ensures that data submitted through its API is not used to train its models.
  • OpenAI retains API inputs and outputs for up to 30 days to identify abuse and provide the service. After this period, data is deleted unless legally required to retain it longer.
  • Data may be reviewed by authorized employees for abuse monitoring and legal compliance, but it is not used for model training.
For more details, visit the OpenAI Privacy Policy.

Claude by Anthropic

  • Anthropic does not use data submitted through the Claude API for training purposes unless specifically agreed upon with Anthropic.
  • Anthropic Claude retains API data for up to 30 days on the backend unless otherwise agreed upon in a contract.

Google Gemini

  • For paid services, Google does not use your prompts or responses for model training. For unpaid services, Google may use the data you submit to improve and develop their products and services, including machine learning technologies.
  • Human reviewers may also read, annotate, and process your API input and output to help with quality and product improvement. Privacy protections are in place to disconnect this data from your Google Account and other identifiers before review.
  • Google can cache a customer's inputs and outputs for Gemini models to accelerate responses to subsequent prompts from the customer. Cached contents are stored for up to 24 hours.
If you use another AI Service Provider, please make sure to check their corresponding privacy notice. TypingMind Custom serves solely as a platform for interacting with different AI models.