Enable Chat Logs - how it works

TypingMind Custom allows Admins to review chat logs by all users to understand use cases, detect issues, and adjust prompts to better handle user queries.
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Let’s check out on how to do that!

Some simple steps

  1. Log in to your chat instance
  1. Go to β€œChat Logs” menu in the General section
  1. By default, only Anonymous chats are recorded. However, you can choose to record all chats from all users:
      • Click on Settings
      • Enable Record all chats from your users
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Best practices for monitoring your chat logs

  • Regular reviews: make it a routine to check the chat logs to quickly identify and address emerging issues or trends.
  • Continuously update training data: use insights from the chat logs to update FAQs, user guides, or training data for the AI, improving the accuracy and relevance of its responses.
  • User engagement: gather information within the chat logs to provide users with the resources that they want.