Chat instance
The chat interface is set up to be used by one team. When you register on our cloud, you will create a new chat instance. You can create multiple instances for different purposes. Each instance has a separate environment and data: members, chats, prompts, plugins, chat preferences, themes, etc. A self-host setup can be configured to create multiple instances if needed.
Admin Users
The people who create and set up chat instances. Admin users have access to the Admin Panel, where they can customize their chat instance (name, tagline, logo, API key, etc.) and invite members. One instance may have multiple admin users.
End users
The people who use the chat instance after being invited by the Admin Users. Some chat instances can be set up so that end users can register an account by themselves without waiting to be invited. End users can use all features available in the chat interface (as enabled by the admin users), like sending messages, creating prompts, adding AI Agents, sharing/searching chat, etc.
AI Agents
This indicates AI experts that can provide helpful answers and resources for your specific use cases. It works based on your guidelines provided to it.
Prompts are inputs given to the model to generate specific outputs or complete tasks based on the given prompt.
Refer to the pieces of text into which input data is divided, such as words or sentences.
Plugins are external modules or services that the AI can call upon to perform specific functions beyond its built-in capabilities. This could include, for example, fetching live weather data, making calculations, browsing the internet for the latest information, or integrating with other software tools and platforms.
Custom Models
Models are not provided within our model list called Custom models. If you want to access those models, you will need to set it up as custom model on the Admin Panel.
Model Version
You might notice that there’s models like GPT-4 Turbo (0125), GPT-4 (1106), etc. The 4 digit represents the date in MMDD of the snapshot that was taken for that version.
API Keys
API keys are used to authenticate and authorize access to AI model provider. For example, OpenAI API key for GPT models, Anthropic Claude API for Claude models, etc.
Chat Features
Chat Features on the Chat UI
Initial System Instruction / System Message
Predefined messages or directives that a chat model should follow during a conversation
Seats / User seats
1 seat is equivalent to 1 user that can access to your chat instance. By default, you will have 5 user seats (including admin seat), however, you also have the option to purchase more seats for your chat instance at $49/seat.