Get HAR file

When working with TypingMind, we may sometimes ask you to collect a network capture for troubleshooting, which can be used to record the HTTP data traffic of the affected application. We will use this information to figure out what's causing the problem.

If you are using Web App…

Here are the steps on how to do it using Google Chrome Developer Tool:
  1. Go to TypingMind.com
  1. Open Developer Tools: right-click anywhere on the webpage and selectΒ InspectΒ from the context menu.
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  1. Select the Network Tab: a pane will appear either at the side or the bottom of your screen. In this pane, locate and select theΒ NetworkΒ tab.
  1. Start Recording: at the top left of the Network tab, you'll see a red circle. If it's grey, click it to start recording.
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  1. Reproduce the issue: refresh the webpage or reproduce the issue you're experiencing. The network requests are being logged in the Network tab as you do this.
  1. Save the HAR file: once you've done, right-click anywhere within the Network tab where the network requests are listed. Then selectΒ Save all as HAR with Content.
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  1. Name and save your HAR file: finally, choose a location to save the HAR file, name it appropriately, and clickΒ Save.
  1. Share the HAR file: send the file to support@typingmind.com so our team can look into the issue further.

If you are using SetApp/MacApp…

Here are steps to get HAR file if you are using the app through MacApp or SetApp:
  1. Open TypingMind app
  1. Open Safari (it must be Safari, you can not use other browsers like Chrome)
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  1. Click on Safari on the status bar and choose Settings to open the Safari Setting pannel
  1. Switch to Advanced tab and tick on the checkbox β€œShow features for web developers”. This allows you to access the Develop tab within Safari (Skip this step if you already have the Develop tab on the status bar)
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  1. Click on Develop > Select your Macbook > click on setapp.typingcloud.com if you are using SetApp or click on typingmind.com if you are using TypingMind Mac App to open the Web Inspector.
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  1. Cmd + R to refresh the app
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  1. Reproduce your issue on the app
  1. Back to the Web Inspector > switch to Network tab > click on β€œExport” on the top right corner to get the HAR file
  1. Choose a location to save the HAR file and send it into support@typingmind.com
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