Upload Training Data

A step-by-step on how to upload your training documents on TypingMind and let the AI model to interact with your data to answer your queries.

Step-by-step to upload your files to TypingMind

  1. Click the โ€œUploadโ€ icon
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  1. Choose your document by either dragging the file to the app or browsing through your file directory.
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  1. Once your document is uploaded, you can proceed to interact with the AI model through the chat.
    1. Test with different prompts to see if the AI model can give your expected responses or not
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  1. You can even upload multiple documents within a conversation
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Important notes

Please take note of the following key points:
  • Our system only supports true PDFs, TXT, or Markdown files. Scanned or image-only PDFs cannot be processed.
  • Only text can be extracted from your documents.
  • Make sure that the tokens in your PDF fall within the model's maximum context length.

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