Prompt library

TypingMind app allows you to build your own prompt collection so you can make use of them anytime.
  • You can choose to add prompts from TypingMind’s built-in prompts
  • Or create your own prompts
A prompt refers to a conversation starter or a task you provide to the model to guide its conversation
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Choose from Built-in Prompts

TypingMind offers more than 160 pre-built prompts. Here’s how to add them to your library:
  • Click β€œPrompt Library”
  • Switch to β€œCommunity Prompts” tab
  • β€œAdd” prompts that you find most useful to your personal prompt list.
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The prompt you've just added will now be visible under the β€œYour Prompts” tab:
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Create Your Own Prompts

You can easily create your own prompt as follows:
  • Open Prompt Library
  • Click β€œAdd Prompt” button
  • Fill in the necessary details - your prompt title, description, actual prompt content, etc.
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The prompts you create will also be displayed under the "Your Prompts" section:
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You can type / within the message area to quickly search your prompts or open your prompts library too.