Prompt examples

Some ready-to-use prompts that are built by TypingMind team or collected from multiple sources. There are 2 main sources that our team will update pre-built prompts:

Prompt Ebook

Ebook: β€œ50+ Super Advanced ChatGPT Prompts: Expertly Tested & Proven for Success"
This eBook including 50+ ChatGPT Advanced Prompts with 8 categories:
  • Productivity – Save time and increase your output
  • Software development – Help developers work more efficient
  • Business decision - Provide insights for better decision-making
  • Marketing strategy - Build effective marketing plans tailored to target audiences.
  • Marketing content creation - Create engaging, tailored content for various
    • platforms
  • Copywriting - Generate persuasive and compelling copies to boost conversions
  • Entertainment - Just for funny things or entertainment purposes
  • Learn something new - Offer learning resources based on your interests
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We will continuously update new prompts into the ebook!

Blog Post

We also update pre-built prompts on our blog page at blog.typingmind.com.
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