Get started with TypingMind

What is TypingMind?

TypingMind.com provides you with the power to harness the full potential of ChatGPT and other AI models so you can get the well-shaped AI responses that specifically tailor for your needs.
This includes:
  • Better way to manage your chats by folders, name, pin your chats or delete them in bulk.
  • More customization options to fine-tune the AI responses (prompt and AI Agent library, web search, integrations, and plugins)
  • Chances to train the AI model with your own data.
  • Use your custom-built LLMs
  • Handle more complex conversations with FAST and HIGH-QUALITY output.
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With nearly 10 chat models, and over 180 built-in prompts & AI agents, TypingMind is all set to streamline your workflow and take manual work off your plate!

Step-by-step to use TypingMind

Here are 5 easy steps to get started with TypingMind.

Step 1: Enter License key and OpenAI API key

You just need to have an OpenAI API Key and License key to use TypingMind. No login needed.
  1. Get OpenAI API Key
  • Then head over to the "Manage Account" section, locate the β€œAPI keys” area, and generate your API keys. Once done, copy these keys and insert them into TypingMind.
Get the OpenAI API key
Get the OpenAI API key
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Important notes:
  • You will need to have an OpenAI paid account and pay them for your API usage.
  • The OpenAI API paid account is different from the ChatGPT Plus subscription
  • You don’t need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use TypingMind
  1. Get your License Key
Normally, your license key will be sent along with your receipt.
In case you missed it, you can log into https://app.lemonsqueezy.com/my-orders/ with your purchase email to access your license key.
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Step 2: Start your first conversation

To begin a conversation, you need to provide instructions to the AI assistant. You can do this in three ways:
  • Direct interactions: the most basic way to start with TypingMind. Enter any questions or prompts that you have in mind or select from the prompt library and the AI assistant will respond accordingly.
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  • Setup with background information : this allows you to set up an initial request or background data, and will be useful for more complex tasks or when you want the AI to work within a particular context. It can be done by:
    • Create a system initial instruction that provides detailed guidelines and context on what the bot should do during the conversation.
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    • Train the AI with your own document so it can review and provide answers related to your queries.
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  • Make the AI role-play: this is an exciting way of interacting with TypingMind - set it up to play a specific role or character that expertises in a specific area.
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Step 3: Organize your workspace

The left sidebar will show up all of your chat history, you can easily drag and drop your chats into a folder, pin them to the top or delete them for better management and navigation later.
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Step 4: Share your chats with everyone

Share your chats with ease to help others learn from you, improve your prompts for better results, or pick up where you left off.
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Step 5: Backup & Sync your data

Turn on the TypingMind cloud to protect your data against potential loss due to some unexpected issues. This will not only secure your data but also allow for synchronization between devices.
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