Organize chats

TypingMind allows you to manage your chat history easily. An organized workspace will promote an enhanced productivity and streamline workflow. Here’s how you can organize the chats with TypingMind:

1. Update the chat title

TypingMind will automatically generate a title for each new conversation related to its content to help you keep track of them.
However, you can easily customize this by clicking the β€œpen” icon next to each title on the left sidebar
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2. Pin chats

You can pin important conversations so they always stay at the top of your chat list.
To pin the chats, easily click the β€œstar” icon next to each conversation on the left sidebar.
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3. Add chats to folders

To keep your chats organized, you may want to add them to specific folders.
  • First, create a new folder by clicking β€œfolder icon" on the left sidebar.
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  • Name your folder
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  • You can then drag and drop any chat into the folder or select the chat and choose the option "Move" to move the a specific folder you want.
    • Drag to folder
      Drag to folder
      Select chats
      Select chats

4. Bulk delete

Easily delete your chat history, even in bulk!
  • Delete conversation one-by-one: click the β€œTrash icon” next to each conversation on the left sidebar to delete one by one.
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  • Delete chats in bulk: from the left sidebar, click the Dropdown icon > Select Chats > check the chats you want to delete or select all to quickly delete all the chat history.
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