Set up Cloud Sync & Backup

What is Cloud Sync & Backup on TypingMind?

TypingMind Cloud is an opt-in only service we provide to help you conveniently:
  • Sync your data across devices
  • Share your data with friends via a link that is publicly accessible from the internet.
  • Backup your lost data
To enable Cloud Sync and Backup, click on the β€œcloud” icon on the bottom left of the app and switch the toggle.
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How TypingMind Cloud Sync & Backup works?

1. Sync your data across devices

If you enable TypingMind Cloud for Sync and Backup, we will store all of the following data to the TypingMind Cloud server:
  • Chat history
  • AI characters
  • Plugins / Plugin settings
  • Prompts
  • Model settings
…other settings as in the image below
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So as long as you use the same email account for Could, when you make some changes, it's immediately updated across all your devices, no matter where you are or what device you're using.
You can also uncheck on the settings that you don’t want to sync across devices so when you make changes on one device, it won’t affect the others.

2. Share your data via a unique link

Similarly, when youΒ ShareΒ your data with TypingMind Cloud, we will store the data you shared on our server.
Data can be shared includes:
  • Chats
  • AI characters
  • Plugins
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And it will become publicly available on the internet with a secret link. These links are prevented from being indexed search engines.
Note that you can use other services to share your chat. TypingMind Cloud is just one of the options and is not mandatory.

3. Recover your lost data

While Cloud Sync allows you to sync your data across devices, TypingMind Cloud Backup takes a copy of your data and stores them safely in the cloud, ready to be retrieved if the original is lost or damaged.
Click β€œRe-sync everything” in case you lost any of your data while syncing.
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Data privacy

All communication with TypingMind Cloud server are encrypted using HTTPS, all of your data is stored securely on our cloud database provided by AWS and is encrypted at rest.
We only store the chats that youΒ shared, we don't store any other data on TypingMind Cloud's server (no API Key, no License Key, no other chats).
If you enable TypingMind Cloud for Sync and Backup, we will use Cookie to store your logged in state in order to provide you a seamless sync experience without having to login again. Our cookie will expires after 30 days without any sync activities.