Export / import data

You can easily export / import your data for manual backup.
  • Click the โ€œcloudโ€ icon to open Cloud Sync and Backup
  • Scroll down to Manual Backup to use Export / Import option.

Export your data

You will have the option to choose which kind of data you would like to export. This might include chats, prompts, plugins, folders, AI characters, model settings, other settings.
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Once you've selected the relevant data, click on the โ€œDownload Fileโ€ button. The system will then generate a json file that will contain your selected data.

Importing Your Data

Click โ€œImportโ€ and choose the json file to import to your TypingMind account
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For further assistance with exporting and importing data, or with any other technical issues, please contact our support team.