Share/Export a chat

Have a cool conversation and want to:
  • Share it with your friends and your community?
  • Export it for later reference?
TypingMind sharing/exporting chat feature allows you to share/export a specific chat with different formats such as:
  • A unique link
  • PDF
  • Markdown
  • JSON
  • HTML
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How to use the sharing/exporting chat feature on TypingMind

  1. Click onΒ New ChatΒ and start a conversation
  1. Right above the message area, click β€œShare” button
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  1. Choose your expected sharing/exporting format:
      • Unique link via Secret Link (TypingMind Cloud) or ShareGPT
      • Text, HTML, PDF
      • JSON (used to build fine-tuning model)
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  1. If you share your chat via a unique link, just simply copy the link and share with everyone!
If you share with other formats, just copy and download the file based on different formats.
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