Set up Crowdin

The collaboration process will be done via https://crowdin.com/

Join crowdin

To join TypingMind on Crowdin, please follow these steps:
  1. Send an email to support@typingmind.com, specifying the language you intend to translate
  1. Our team will invite you to TypingMind Crowdin via email
  1. Accept the invitation
After joining Crowin, do as follows:
  1. Choose the language you want to add translation.
If the language you're interested in translating is not currently available, please let us know so we can assist in adding it.
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  1. Choose messages.po
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  1. Enter your translation on each string and wait for the approval.
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Important notes

To ensure a smooth collaboration process, please consider the following important points while translating:

Keep the translated text the same length as the original text

This is to ensure it doesn’t break the UI layout when displayed on the app.
For example, the text β€œDisabled” when translated to Vietnamese, β€œΔΓ£ tαΊ―t” and β€œΔΓ£ bα»‹ vΓ΄ hiệu hΓ³a” both have the same meaning, but β€œΔΓ£ tαΊ―t” is preferred instead of β€œΔΓ£ bα»‹ vΓ΄ hiệu hΓ³a” because it has roughly the same amount of characters, and displayed with the same size on the app UI.

Avoid translating key technical terms and brand name

Don’t translate the technical terms and brand names when you find it suitable. For example: TypingMind (brand name, don’t translate), prompts, etc.
Check out below for more cases:

Handle variables, syntax, plurality, etc. in the translated text

  1. Keep variables in translation messages
plain text
Handler for function {name} not found.
{name} is a variable in this translation, it must be kept as the original, only translate other words
For example, it should be translated like this: HΓ m xα»­ lΓ½ cho hΓ m {name} khΓ΄ng tΓ¬m thαΊ₯y
  1. Keep component syntax in translation messages
plain text
Make sure you have your billing info added in <0>OpenAI Billing</0> page:
Basically, <0>OpenAI Billing</0> is a link, if you delete <0> and </0>, it will be no longer a link.
The translated text should be like this:
Đảm bαΊ£o bαΊ‘n Δ‘Γ£ thΓͺm thΓ΄ng tin thanh toΓ‘n ở trang <0>Thanh toΓ‘n của OpenAI</0>
  1. Singular, plural form
plain text
{0, plural, one {# chat} other {# chats}}
This is a plural message, you only need to translate the words in { } after one and other, the # symbol represents the number, so just keep it.
The proper translation might be:
plain text
{0, plural, one {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i } other {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i}}
If your language has more than β€œone” and β€œother” plural forms, you can translate the message and add some forms like this:
plain text
{0, plural, =0 {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i} one {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i } few {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i} many {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i} other {# hα»™i thoαΊ‘i}}