Reseller Program

TypingMind Custom Reseller Program is designed to be flexible and profitable for our partners. This allows you to set your own pricing strategy based on your packages or offers that you give to your end-users.

Benefits of joining our Reseller Program

Here are some of the key benefits you can get as part of our partnership:
  • Easily manage and control multiple accounts
  • Implement custom branding for each client
  • Create AI Agents tailored to your client's needs
  • Connect to your payment system via our API

How it works?

1. Pricing

You have the freedom to determine the final price your customers pay, based on the packages or consulting services you provide.
You only need to pay us the Public Price listed on our official website.
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2. Hosting options

We support both cloud hosting and self-hosting solutions so you can offer a setup that best fits the needs of your customers.
Details on each hosting option:

3. Volume discounts

To support your growth and encourage large-scale deployments, we offer volume discounts if you purchase large user seats.
Reach us at support@typingmind.com with the detail number of users you are going to purchase.

4. Customer Support

To ensure that your customers receive the best possible experience, your team will handle basic support inquiries, which include general product questions.
For more complex technical issues, our dedicated team will provide tier 2 support

Contact us

In case you have any special requests or need any further clarification, please feel free to reach us at support@typingmind.com