Static Self-host FAQs

What is self-hosting?

Self-host means you deploy the same version of TypingMind.com on your own web hosting server and domain name for your personal use.

Why self-hosting? What are the benefits?

Some people prefer to run the software on their own server for privacy and availability reasons. For example, if TypingMind.com becomes inaccessible in the future, you can still access your own version of TypingMind from your server without any problem. The self-host version can also be run locally like an app.

What can I customize in the self-host version?

As of now, you cannot customize anything. The self-host version will be exactly the same as the one you are using on TypingMind.com. If you are looking for a more flexible and customizable way to use Typing Mind, check out https://custom.typingmind.com

Where can I deploy my self-host version?

Anywhere! You can deploy it on your own server, or on a static web cloud service like GitHub Pages, Cloudflare Pages, AWS S3, Vercel, Netlify, Heroku, etc. You can even run it on localhost.

Do I have access to the full source code if I want to self-host?

No. The license key only grants you the permission to use and deploy the app on your own server. You do not have permissions to modify or redistribute the code. The full source code is not available for sale as the app is not open-source. You will only receive the compiled code of the app, you can deploy the app anywhere without having to update any code or settings.

How do I receive updates for the self-host version?

Get the latest updates from https://github.com/TypingMind/typingmind

Do I need a License Key and Open API Key to use the self-hosted version?

Yes. Both are needed, as the self-hosted version is exactly the same as the version you see on TypingMind.com. The License Key is needed in the self-host version. When you enter the license key, the app will connect to TypingMind's license server to verify your license.

Can I let my team/community/customers use the self-host version?

You can, but keep in mind that they will also need a TypingMind License Key and OpenAI API Key in order to use it. A better way to provide Typing Minf for your team is to use the Custom version at https://custom.typingmind.com

Can I embed my License Key/API key to the self-host version somehow and let my team/community/customers use it?

No you can't, and you shouldn't. It's not safe to share your License Key and API Key to the public like that. The Static Self-host version is meant for personal use. If you are looking to setup a custom deployment of TypingMind for your team/community/customers, please check out https://typingmind.com/custom

Can I have support on technical issues if I self-host?

The self-host version comes for free when you buy a license key. There is no support on technical issues if you self-host. If you don't have the technical skills to setup the self-host version, we recommend using the hosted version on https://typingmind.com instead.

Why don't you offer technical support for the self-hosted version?

There are way too many possible technical issues that could happen with various tech stacks and server configurations that are not in my control. That's why I cannot offer technical support if you have problem with your self-hosted version.

What permissions do I have with the self-host code?

โ€ข โœ… You have access to the compiled code of the app. โ€ข โœ… You have permission to deploy and use the compiled code on your own server. โ€ข โŒ You do not have permissions to modify or redistribute the compiled code. โ€ข โŒ You do not have permissions to share or resell the compiled code.