Set up static self-host

Now you can deploy the same version of TypingMind.com on your own web hosting server and domain name for your personal use.

Step 1: Download & extract the zip file

Download the latest zip file for self-host here:

Step 2: Deploy TypingMind on your own server or on a static web cloud service

Next, you need to upload the whole β€œout” folder to any static web hosting (Netlify, GitHub Pages, Cloudflare Pages, AWS S3, etc.) to host the files.
Here's an example of how to upload on Netlify.
  1. First, you need to log into Netlify
  1. Locate the β€œSites” section and browse to upload the β€œout” folder
Image without caption
  1. Click β€œUpload” to upload all files in the β€œout” folder
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  1. After the upload complete, β€œOpen production deploy” to use TypingMind on your own server.
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Important note:
  1. You must deploy the app at the root level of your domain or subdomain. Deploying under a subfolder will not work. For example:Β https://yourdomain.com/Β will work,Β https://chat.yourdomain.com/Β will work,Β but https://yourdomain.com/typingmind/Β will not work.
  1. As the self-hosted version may experience delays in updates compared to the public version, please check the latest version of the self-host file here https://www.typingmind.com/self-host-updates
  1. You are unable to change the branding name and customize the UI.