TypingMind vs TypingMind Custom

Two main products

Currently, we are offering two main products for TypingMind:
TypingMind License and TypingMind Custom serve different use-cases and are built to accommodate varied requirements. Let’s see which solution is the best fit for your needs!

Self-host versions

In additional with the main products, we offer a self-host version of each product which the equivalent features:
  • Typing Mind License β†’ Typing Mind Static Self-host
  • Typing Mind Custom β†’ Typing Mind Custom Self-host
In total, there are 4 versions:


TypingMind (and Static Self-host)
TypingMind Custom (and Custom Self-host)
Pricing structure
One-time Purchase (starts at $39/Standard license)
Monthly Subscription (starts at $99/month)
Standard, Extended, Premium
Starter, Growth, Professional, Custom (for Enterprises)
Target users
Best for Individuals
Best for Teams, Businesses or Communities
Provide you with a better Chat UI that allows you to interact with different AI models, fine-tuning options to get better AI responses. See full feature list
Also provide a better chat UI that works exactly like TypingMind.com but the Chat UI can be managed and customized with the Admin Panel. Admins can access the Admin Panel to: - Pre-set API key - Pre-built Prompts, Plugins, AI Agents - Train the chat bot with your own data - Restrict members access - Invite member to use the chat UI via email. - Customize chat theme, brain name, custom domain This solution allows you to build a custom ChatGPT bot that is private and secure for your teams.
License key requirements
No license key needed
Where to buy license key?
Can only buy from typingmind.com (both self-host and cloud-host version)
No license key needed
Need an API key?
Number of users / devices available
5 devices or users per license key
5 users included by default per chat instance - additional users priced at $8/user/month
Login option
No login needed. Enter License key and API key to use the app
Email, SSO, JWT
Team management
Yes (via Admin Panel)
Access to all chat features
Yes (based on different plans)
Training data
Allow uploading documents (limited by model’s context length)
Allow uploading documents and connect external sources (Web Scraper, Notion, Intercom, etc.)
Custom domain
Yes (use self-host)
Custom branding


TypingMind provides a professional UI to interact with multiple Large Language Models.
It focuses on enhancing your AI chat experience by giving you more freedom to:
  • Interact with different AI models.
  • Organize your AI workspace
  • Fine-tune the AI assistant outputs with system instruction, AI Agents, Prompts, Plugins
  • Upload training data that falls within the context length limit.
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The platform comes in three different plans: Standard, Extended, and Premium, with One-time Purchase (starts at $39).
To use the app, you just need to input your API key and License Key.

TypingMind Custom

On the other hand, TypingMind Custom offers a broader scope targeted at teams, businesses, or communities.
Its purpose is not only to provide an enhanced AI chat experience - which works exactly the same as TypingMind.com, but it also allows a higher level of customization and manageability - with the Admin Panel.
Admin Panel
Admin Panel
AI Interface
AI Interface
With TypingMind Custom, Admins (who can log into Admin Panel) have the options to:
  • Preset API keys (no license key needed) so your team members don’t need to re-enter API key from chat UI
  • Create pre-built Prompts, Plugins, AI Agents
  • Upload large training data or connect external sources (Notion, Intercom, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Invite members to use the chat UI via email
  • Control feature visibility on the chat UI
  • Restrict user access to specific resources from the chat UI
  • Use your custom domain and brand theme
TypingMind Custom also comes with a monthly subscription, with fees starting at $99 per month. It offers three different plans including Starter, Growth, Professional, and Business to cater to diverse business requirements.
You can check here for more details on what TypingMind Custom can do.


Choosing between TypingMind and TypingMind Custom depends on your needs, team size, and how you intend to use the AI chatbot.
Don’t worry, feel free to dive in, as we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee!
Please contact us atΒ support@typingmind.comΒ if you require any further assistance.