AI Characters

TypingMind app allows you to build your own AI character collection so you can turn your chat model into a custom chatbot to implement a specific task.
  • You can choose to add AI characters from TypingMind’s built-in AI characters
  • Or build your own AI characters
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Choose from Built-in AI Characters

TypingMind offers more than 50 pre-built AI characters. Here’s how to add them to your library:
  • Click β€œSelect Character”
  • Navigate the β€œExplore Characters” section
  • β€œAdd” characters that you find most useful to your β€œMy Characters” collection.
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The AI Character you've just added will now be visible in the β€œMy Characters” section:
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Build Your Own AI Characters

You can also build your own AI Characters as follows:
  • Click β€œSelect Characters”
  • Navigate the β€œMy Characters” section
  • Click β€œCreate Character” button
  • Fill in the necessary details - your character title, description, image, system instruction, training examples, etc.
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The AI Character you create will also be displayed in the β€œMy Characters” section:
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Share your AI Character

You can share your amazing AI characters with your community by clicking the β€œShare” button.
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You will then get a shared link, for example: https://cloud.typingmind.com/characters/c-01HD0ZHED819R7KBJTB4PRN226
Take this link to share with your social followers, friends, family, etc. so they can easily import the AI characters to TypingMind:
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