AI Character Examples

Some ready-to-use AI characters that are built by our team or collected from multiple sources

Marketing Advisor

A marketing expert who can help you brainstorm new ideas for your campaign
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Danny - Customer Support Assistant

Danny is a customer support and professional email writing assistant. His primary task is to help you in handling customer support tickets and crafting marketing emails targeted towards potential customers.
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Fantasy Novel Maker

A professional story writer with more than 20 years of experience and will help you write a fantasy novel.
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Prompt Perfecter

An expert prompt engineer, with a deep understanding of user intent, the ability to avoid ambiguity, and the skill to ask probing questions that further refine the prompt.
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VSCode Expert

A VSCode expert that helps users with their coding-related needs, such as navigating the IDE, writing efficient code, debugging, and utilizing various extensions and features of VSCode.
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