Typing Mind Custom offers a unique, custom-built version of Typing Mind, specifically designed for teams, businesses, and communities.
With Typing Mind Custom, you can create a chat instance under your own domain that functions just likeΒ TypingMind.com. It allows full control and customization of the chat instance through an Admin Panel.
TypingMind Custom offers a range of features:

Pre-configured API Keys

Pre-setting API keys for OpenAI, Anthropic, and ElevenLabs Text-to-Speech directly from the Admin Panel.
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White Label

Customize the chat interface to align with your brand style, including your brand name, logo, domain, and chat theme.
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Create Built-in Prompts, AI Characters, and Plugins Library

Create custom prompts, AI characters (and more to come) tailored for your team.
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Feature and Resource Control

Enable or disable specific features or resources for different member targets.
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Chatbot Training

Train your chat instance to function as a private chatbot by uploading training data from multiple sources, including Notion, Intercom, PDF, CSV, TXT, and more.
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Access Control

Choose from3 access modes to control who can access your chat interface - Public (open to everyone), Authorized (accessible for verified email users), or Private (only available for invited members).
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In case you missed it, A "Chat instance" or an "instance" refers to a chat interface you create when signing up for an account on Typing Mind Custom. You can create multiple chat instances for different purposes. Each chat instance is tied to one OpenAI key and runs on one domain.
For more information of TypingMind Custom, please refer to: https://custom.typingmind.com/